• Apolo Ohno-Short Track
  • Lindesy Vonn- Skiing
  • Hannah Kearney- Snowboard and Skiing
  • Jamie Langenbrunner- Hockey
  • Seth Wescott-Snowboard
  • Shani Davis- Speed Skating
  • Bode Miller-Skiing

Mark, when you have a word beginning with a
vowel you should use the word AN before not A.
Remember proper nouns begin with capital letters.
Mrs. Burgess

​ ​ Medals won= 32 /9 Gold/ 15 Silver / 13 Bronze/

Lidensy Vonn has a bad track record of getting hurt while skiing. In the previous winter olympics she hurt her ankle and in the Olympics happening now she as broken her pinkie on her hand. Even after this she has won gold.

Shaun White, a amazing snowboarder, won a Gold medal in this Olympics by doing a awesome trick callled the McTwist.

Bode Miller
, won a Gold, Silver, Bronze, in Vancover. In his last race for these Olympics he missed a sign, which disqualified him.

Ryan Miller
, the USA Olympic Golie (who is also the Golie for the Buffalo Sabres) was the MVP of the the Gold Medal game vs. Canda. Sadly they lost but Miller had 39 saves in all.

What sports does your country participate in?

Snowboarding, Skiing, Short Track.

  • What sports does your country do well in?
    Snowboarding, Speed Skating.
  • Who are the most successful athletes and what sports did they compete in?
    Apolo Ohno- Speed Skating. Lidnesy Vonn~ Skiing.
  • What are some high points of the previous Olympic Games for your country?
Apolo Ohno winning Gold in the last Olympics.

Questions from New York-
WHO is Seth Westcott? WHO did he beat to win the gold medal in the Men’s Snowboard Cross Final?
Seth Wescott is American Snowboarder. He beat Mike Robertson (Canada) and Tony Ramoin (France) to get Gold.
WHAT did he do before the event that showed his confidence that he would win?
Practice and do what he does best.
WHERE was this event raced?
At Cypress Mt. in B.C.
WHEN did he previously win a gold medal?
In Torino Italy at the 2006 Olympic games.
WHY did some wonder if he could successfully defend his gold this year?
Because he won by a little in Torino and some did not think he could pull it off.
WHY do you think he triumphed?
Because he believed in himself and what he was capeable of doing.