​​​​Hi my name is Brian . I am in 7th grade at Conshohocken Catholic School. The sports I play are basketball, baseball, and soon track. My favorite sport to play is basketball but my favortie sport to watch is baseball. I like food and soda. I dont like waking up in the morning because I'm tired. Thanks for reading!

USA 2010 Olympic Project
What sports does your country participate in?
My country participates in all of the sports.

What sports does your country do well in?

My country does well in hockey and snowboarding

What was your country's most successful year?
It was 2006

What are some athletes that were very successful this year?
Shaun White: Snowboarding Apolo Ohno: Speed Skating Jeremy Abbott: Figure Skating Shani Davis: Speed Skating Lindsey Vonn: Alpine Skiing

What are some high points of the previous Olympic Games for your country?

Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, and speed skating
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