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  • What sports does your country participate in?
  • The United States participates in skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, luge, and ice skating.
  • What sports does your country do well in?
  • The United States did good in Speed-Skating, Alpine Skiing, and Snowboarding.
  • What was your country's most successful year?
  • The United States' most successful year was in 1994.
  • Who are the most successful athletes and what sports did they compete in?
  • Bonnie Blair participated in speed-skating, Paul Robbins participated in airborne ski jumper,and Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller participated on the U.S. ski team in 2010.
  • What are some high points of the previous Olympic Games for your country?
  • Shani Davis is the first black man to win an individidual gold medal at the winter olympics for long track speed-skating in 2006. Sarah Tueting lead the USA women's ice hockey team to victory in 1998, giving them a gold medal.
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