• What sports does your country participate in?
  • What sports does your country do well in?
  • What was your country's most successful year?
  • Who are the most successful athletes and what sports did they compete in?
  • What are some high points of the previous Olympic Games for your country?

Switzerland participates in Skiing, Snowboarding, Bobsledding, Skeleton, and Luge. Switzerland does very well in Bobsledding and Skiing. Some of Switzerland’s athletes are Paul Accola, who is an alpine skier, Christian Aebli, who is a bobsledder, Sergio Berger, who is a snowboarder, Claudio Bockli, who does the biathlon, Fabio Caduff, who is a snowboarder, Julien Sprunger, who plays ice hockey, and Stephane Lambiel. The highpoint of the 2006 Winter Olympics for Switzerland is when they won 14 medals.Switzerlands most successful year at the Olympics is when they won 8 gold medals.
Seth Wescott is a USA proffesional snowboarder.
Seth beat Mike Robertson.
He had won a gold medal in 2006.
The event was held in Vancouver, Canada.
Seth had previously won a gold medal in 2006.
When he won in 2006, he won by luck when his competitor fell at the last minute of the compitition.

I think he triumphed because he felt confident in himself to win the gold again.