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Olympics Slide-show

Spain Vancouver Olympics

Alyssa Garcia

Week 1

  1. Spain Competes in: Snowboard, Freestyle Skiing, Freestyle Skating, Cross-Country Skiing, Figure Skating, Skeleton, Biathlon, and Alpine Skiing.
  2. Spain Is good in Alpine Skiing. They have won one gold medal and one bronze.

  3. Spain's most successful year was 1972. Men's Slalom, Gold Medal.

  4. Spain's most successful athletes were Fernandez Ochoa, and Fernandez Ochoa. They competed in Alpine Skiing.

  5. Some gold Medals of Beijing Olympics are: Anton Paz Tornado Multihull Mixed, Carlos Perez K-2 500m, Joan Llaneras Points Race Men, Singles Men Rafael Nadal, and Individual Road Race Men Samuel Sanchez. These are only some of the gold medals Spain won during the olympics.

Week 2

Here's a slide-show of a sport called skeleton. Here you'll see info about this sport.
Skeleton Slide-Show