2010 Olympics

The sports that the U.S.A participate in are speed skating, snowboarding, ski jumping, skeleton, short track speed skating, nordic combined, luge, ice hockey, free style skiing, figure skating, curling, cross country skiing, bobsleigh. biathlon, and alpine skiing. The sports that the U.S.A do well in are alpine skiing, speed skating, snowboarding, nordic combined, figure skating, bobsled, short track speed skating, ice hockey, freestyle skiing. The United State's most succeful year was 2010. The United States most seccessful athletes are Hannah Kearney (free skiing), Seth Wescott (snowboarding), Shani Davis (speed skating), Lindsey Vonn (alpine skiing), Shaun White (snowboarding), Evan Lysacek (figure skating), Bode Miller (alpine skiing), Bill Demong (nordic combined), Steven Holcomb, Steve Mesler, Curtis , and Justin Olsen (four man bobsled). The high points of the previous Olympics Games for the U.S.A are hockey, speed skating, and snowboarding.

is Seth Wescott?
He is a two time Olympic Gold medalist in Men's Snowboard Cross.

WHO did he beat to win the gold medal in the Men’s Snowboard Cross Final?

He beat Mike Robertson in the men's snowboard cross finals.

WHAT did he do before the event that showed his confidence that he would win?

He packed the flag that he wrapped himself in four years ago in Turin, Italy.

was this event raced?
This event was held at Cypress Mountain.

did he previously win a gold medal?
He previoulsly won in Turin, Italy.

did some wonder if he could successfully defend his gold this year?
Some people wondered because Seth had a major injury.

do you think he triumphed?

I think he triumphed because he was a hard worker and he knew that he could win if he just tried.